My name is Michael Mathieu, and I live in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I'm a self-taught artist creating one-of-kind freeform carvings from rare burl wood. I harvest most of my burl locally from dead or damaged trees, and unwanted wood that logging companies leave behind. My creations are heavily inspired by the wild, rugged landscapes of Northern Ontario. My pieces are nature's unique creations, with a beautiful smooth finish. I take an intuitive, spontaneous approach to my craft. Each burl presents a new challenge, and I love working with the natural shape of the wood to reveal intricate patterns and unexpected beauty deep within the wood. I never approach a piece with a certain idea in mind. I always let the wood slowly reveal itself. The work is physically demanding, but the end result is extremely rewarding. My goal with each piece is to create art that reveals the soul of the tree. The warmth and beauty of each piece will draw you in to explore it further.

Please take a moment and look through my gallery pages and enjoy. Thank you for visiting.